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Happy Baby

“The Circle of Security is circling the globe as an intervention to help parents raise their children with love, warmth and emotional intelligence.”

―  Dr. Dan Siegel, Neuropsychiatrist and co-author of ‘The Whole Brain Child’.

All About Circle of Security parenting program


Parenting can be challenging, and being a parent doesn't come with a manual! At times it is normal to feel unsure about what your child might need from you.  Imagine how wonderful it would be if you could better understand and meet your child's needs.

The Circle of Security® Parenting™ program is based on decades of research on attachment and secure parent- child relationships. Knowledge is power! In the age of misinformation, it is reassuring to know that this program is based on evidence.


The Circle of Security® Parenting™  program is a tool that can help you to understand challenging behaviour, increase your confidence as a caregiver, or simply enhance the relationship with your child.

I am passionate and excited about delivering this program, because of the positive impact that it can have on the lives of children and their families. Learn more about the program below.

How can The Circle of Security® Parenting™ program benefit my child?

The benefits to children with secure parent-child relationships include:

  • Less anger at their parents.

  • Better and longer lasting friendships.

  • Increased confidence.

  • Better able to deal with their emotions. 

  • Greater resilience. 

  • Increased problem-solving capability

  • And let's not forget...more harmony at home! 

Who can attend?

I invite all parents and caregivers of children 0-12 years old to attend the program. Anyone can attend, you don't need a referral.

Family Moments

Learning Objectives



Understand how to read your child’s emotional cues and meet their emotional needs.



Learn ways to strengthen the relationship and support your child to manage their emotions



Support the development of healthy self-esteem and resilience in your child.

Are you a busy parent who wants to do a Circle of Security program but you’re short on time?  If so, join the 4-week online abbreviated program, either one on one, or as part of a group. No wasted time in traffic! We cover all 8 modules from the comfort of your own home. 

Option 1 online: 1:1 with a registered psychologist- 2 hour weekly sessions for x 4 weeks. 

Option 2 online: group attendance with a registered psychologist - 2 hour weekly sessions for x 4 weeks. Small groups of 5-12 people. 

How is the program delivered? 

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